One-to-one tuition sessions

Our most popular option is weekly one to two hour tuition at your home. This is usually the best option, as it allows for the parent to keep an eye on proceedings and enjoy a close, communicative relationship with the tutor. In our experience, regular home tuition is a very high value exercise, which results in an immediate raise in performance and confidence on the part of the child.

Our tutors are largely based in the Brighton and Hove area. They can travel to your home at a time that works for you, usually between the hours of five to seven pm. The majority of our tutors are also practising teachers, meaning after school is when most tutoring happens. However, we also adjust to the needs of sixth formers, who have gaps in their timetable, as well as those outside of mainstream schooling. Inevitably, we can almost always sort out an arragements that requires the least amount of compromise on your part.

We mainly cater for parents requiring Maths, English and Science tutors, who are always highly in demand. However, we can supply all subjects, including niche, such as Psychology, Business and Computing. Additionally, we are particularly specialised at arranging multiple tutors for a single client, which can be very hard for a parent. Whatever you need, we feel confident that we can supply it quickly and efficiently.


Quality tutoring

By choosing us, you will benefit from the extraordinary levels of skill and experience amongst our tutoring base. We recognise that teaching and tutoring is a skill which takes time to master. Consequently we work almost exclusively with fully qualified teachers, many of whom are currently practising at some of Sussex’s top schools, including Roedean, Bellerbys and BHASVIC.

We promise you will see immediate results in your child’s performance after just a few weeks. Our tutors are diligent, encouraging and professional at all times.

‘Martin was brilliant ! Arthur is very happy with working with him’ – Sarah, Brighton Mum


Your child’s safety is paramount. As such, we insist on a full clean police-background check (DBS) for our tutors, so that you feel completely secure inviting them into your home. This is unique among Brighton tutor agencies and is the only way of knowing if your tutor has a criminal record. We feel this is the minimum any parent should expect from an agency and hope to set a high standard.

Our tutors are all interviewed personally by Tim, our Director, himself a teacher of over ten years. They are closely assessed for personality, which we feel is essential in tutoring. You will have no issues with your tutor’s manner or the way they engage with your child. For anything else, we are always here for you, so just call us.

“We have been very pleased with all the tutors supplied (three). They were all very knowledgeable, personable and professional. Would not hesitate to use them again” – Eileen, Sussex Mum.


We are proud to supply a highly professional customer service. We will always get back to you on the day that you call or email us and will usually have a tutor arranged by the end of the day. We provide reliable and attentive customer service for you and are here to help with your every tutoring need.

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