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Maths GCSE is a truly testing set of exams, but these simple tips from our top tutor, Jack, will help you get ahead.

1. Have methods for division and multiplication you are confident using

 You will be dividing and multiplying a lot in your exams regardless of whether you are taking the Foundation or Higher specifications. It is vital to have a method of both division and multiplication that you are confident in using. Methods of division include the grid method, long multiplication and lattice multiplication


2. Learn the formulae

 Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of formulae given to you in GCSE exams anymore. Make sure you revise this a lot, putting up posters in your room with formulae on them is a good idea. Make sure you revise the formulae for:

  1. Areas of shapes
  2. Volumes of shapes
  3. Circle theorems
  4. Compound measures
  5. Pythagoras
  6. Trigonometry
  7. Quadratic equations

 3. Make a revision timetable

This is very important and not specific to maths. Everyone has subjects that they need to work on more than others so know your own ability and prioritise your time well. The earlier this is done the better. Split your week up into revision slots of different subjects and also make sure to give yourself well-deserved breaks.


4. Practice past papers online

 Thankfully, it is very easy to locate a vast library of GCSE maths past papers online in both Foundation and Higher tiers. You can also practice questions by topic if preferred. Just a quick Google search and it’s all there. I recommend doing these times and being harsh on yourself when marking so you can study the areas that need improvement and work on your time management skills.


5. Don’t panic

 There is no need to get stressed in exam season even though it is very easy to do so. Just make sure you start early and follow all the above steps and you will be fine. You know what you are aiming for and know what you are capable of so make sure you get the best result possible for yourself.