Three compelling reasons your child should learn to code (and should come on our camps to do it)

We often hear that our children should learn to code, but why? Here are three simple reasons for your children to put down Fortnite and embrace the language of the future, which they can do on our coding, game-making and robotics camps.

1. Coding develops mathematical and logical powers

Coding is a proven way to super-charge your child’s cognitive powers. Studies have shown that even a small amount of computer programming can help develop a child’s problem solving skills. Coding asks your child to consider the world in a logical and rational manner. This is a fantastic skill not only for technology, but also maths, science and engineering. Moreover creative coding is a far more interesting way of approaching these fundamentals than studying from books. On our camps, students learn how to code by making games, art and animation.

2. Coding is also enormously creative, encourages imagination and builds confidence

CEO Jack Dorsey said, ‘I think that great programming is not all that dissimilar to great art’. We think this is absolutely correct. Both require practise, control and lots of messing about. You don’t need to be a master mathematician to have fun coding and develop your skills. You just have to be curious and want to try out new things. At our camps, students make real, functioning games, as well as 3D printable design and learn about electronics through building machines. This requires an inquisitive and creative mind to create designs, solve problems and create expressive works of art.

3. You want to retire early, don’t you?

Coding is an immensely employable profession, yet most of the best programmers, such as Mark Zuckerberg, started in their early teens. If your budding coder is going to be running a tech giant one day, or even regularly working in the digital sector, they will need lots of practise writing programmes. We believe in the power of practise and supply our attendees with extra materials to keep them coding, even after our camps have ended.

All strong arguments for your child learning to code immediately! Our game-making, coding and robotics camps are immense fun. Led by experienced teachers, we promise your child will always be learning new things, while having a stimulating and creative time.