Introduction to coding and game-making

Programmes – ScratchPixilArtP5JS

 P5 JS Course for Years 3,4,5

1. Circles

2. Squares and Rectangles

3. Lines

4. Simple Loops – Circles

5. Simple Loops – Lines

6. Text Adventures – Coordinates

7. Text Adventures- Counting Game

P5 JS Course for Years 6+

1. Simple Drawing

2. Drawing with Colour

3. Coordinates and Snowman (Circles)

4. Squares

5. Triangles

6. Arcs – Working Clock

7. Random Walker (AI)

8. Drawing with Pong (Automatic Art Making)

9. Ball using Gravity

P5JS Puzzles

New Scratch Tutorials

Endless Runner (Files Here).

If trouble downloading, save images below the video individually as PNGs and upload to scratch. Label Hero Sprites 1-5

Old Scratch Tutorials

Maze (Simple Art and Programming)

Fair (Simple Art and Programming)

Racing (Simple Art, Intermediate Programming)

Survival (Intermediate Art and Programming)

Flying – Intermediate programming, Advanced art

Note: If you change the centre on the bird, make sure to do the same for all of the costumes.

Space (Advanced Programming, Basic Art)