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As a core subject, Science is one of the most requested tuition subjects, owing not only to its overall importance in the curriculum, but also its sheer breadth, taking in three subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For these reasons, Science is often a daunting discipline, particularly at secondary level, where students quickly find themselves up against it trying to keep up with demanding syllabuses and enormous workloads. We have many top tutors who are here to help students get on top of their work and really understand their Science subjects in a manner that carries over into their other work. The ability to think rationally and scientifically is not only a superb skill to cultivate at school, but also is extremely useful in the world of work, given its role in the world of technology and innovation. Students who are good at the sciences also tend to excel in mathematics, another crucial subject. Thus one cannot put too high a price on an excellent grounding in science. While science tuition is most commonly requested from years 9-13, we cater for all ages and will happily work with both younger students and adult learners.

Secondary Science Tuition

GCSE Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

At secondary level, students may opt for either double or triple science. Both of these are extremely challenging qualificationsqualificaitons, which require students to take on and process vast amounts of information. Like Maths and English, science is a core subject on the national curriculum meaning that most higher and further education institutions as well as future employers prefer students to have gained a grade between A* and C. Although not all students are obliged to follow the more challenging triple science course which requires pupils to take nine examinations in all three sciences, all students will have to at least follow the double science course which students have to complete six exams for. At Brighton and Hove tutors, we have a range of teachers experienced in teaching all three sciences; Physics, Biology and Chemistry to support students through these challenging exams.
In physics, students will be expected to utilise complex equations and understand many mathematical formulae. Our tutors aim to develop in students a love for physics which whilst being a challenging subject offers a deep understanding of the world around us. Physics, the study of energy, forces, mechanics, waves, and the structure of atoms and the physical universe, should be exciting and our tutors have this at the forefront of their lessons. Likewise, Biology too should be inspire a critical interest as it is centred on studying live organisms, the environment and the natural world around. In biology, students must know a range of range of natural phenomena and processes. In chemistry, sitting between the two, students flex their intellectual muscle on complex equations and physical transformationstransfomations. Chemistry is the study of matter and the properties of atoms, a firm understanding of chemistry is of course vital for pursuing careers in medicine, pharmacy and many other careers.
A Level Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
All of this culminates in a formidable amount of work, which it is easy to fall behind on or be overwhelmed by. At A-Level, these challenges increase and science is a core component of entering many professional disciplines, including medicine. Our tutors are here to provide skills and reassurance in that students should fulfil their potential. Breaking down tasks and working methodically, they will give clients the structure to understand and master their science work in time for their exams. All of our tutors are not only experienced teachers but of course possess university degrees in a range of science or science-related subjects so can offer guidance drawn from personal experience in mastering the sciences as well as supporting multiple students through exams.
At A Level, Biology students increase their breadth of understanding of cells, organisms and genetics. Our tutors can offer guidance and explanations to ensure students grasp key concepts an theories and offer key exam skills. Students undertaking A Level Physics can delve into a range of inspiring concepts from mechanics to nuclear physics to particles and radiation among many others. A Level Chemistry students meanwhile, will explore the subject under the headings of Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.
We can offer tutors for any exam board and any level and lessons can be tailored to focus on the unique challenges which your child may face.

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