Psychology and Sociology


Sociology and Psychology Tuition

Psychology and Sociology are both exciting subjects to tackle at GCSE and A Level and give students important skills in analysing individual and group behaviour. Psychology tends to focus on the individual as the unit of analysis and looks at human cognition and topics such as memory, development and psychological issues. Sociology, on the other hand, focusses on social processes and social structures and how these shape the world we live in.

Secondary Psychology Tuition

GSCE Psychology

For most exam boards, the GCSE Psychology syllabus is linear meaning that students sit exams at the end of the course and in many cases do not submit coursework in-between. The Edexcel syllabus for example, requires students to sit two papers at the end of the course. Paper one covers topics such as the brain and neuropsychology and how society influences psychological development whilst paper two covers topics including the self and perception, criminal psychology and research methods in psychology. Our tutors can offer support on any exam board and on any Psychology topic.

A Level Psychology

For many, gaining an A Level in Psychology is the first step towards following a career in the field of psychotherapy or for studying Psychology at university level. Those who have studied Psychology at GCSE level, will find themselves developing the skills they have learned in psychological research and theories related to the self whilst those who have never studied Psychology before may find the initial transition to A Level a challenge. No matter the ability or target grade, our experienced pool of tutors can provide the necessary support as they bring a well-rounded understanding of the various content which will be covered in all A Level Psychology syllabuses. A Level Psychology also looks more in-depth into specific subject areas such as gender or psychological issues such as addiction or schizophrenia.


Secondary Sociology Tuition

GCSE Sociology Tuition

GCSE Sociology provides a great overview of how society works and many contemporary issues which we face today. Topics covered in GCSE Sociology include education, mass media and crime as well as global citizenship, power and participation and work. Whilst obtaining a GCSE in Sociology is a valued and respected achievement, it also helps students become valued members of society with a sense of citizenship.

A Level Sociology Tuition

A Level Sociology is a key qualification not only if you want to study Sociology at university-level but also if you plan to pursue academic fields such as Political Science. The rigorous techniques in social research as well theories related to society which are taught at A Level provide a firm academic grounding.

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