Modern Foreign Languages

Languages have long been a respected subject field and the ability to speak another language opens a whole new world as one can experience a new culture. Our tutors, based across the Brighton and Hove area bring years of experience in teaching French, Spanish and German and can support you and your child through the challenging GCSE and A Levels which Modern Foreign Languages present.

GCSE French, Spanish and German

At GCSE Level, Modern Languages students have a lot of content to take in from vocabulary to grammar to politics and culture. Student of Spanish, German and French have to contend with sitting multiple exams which assess their ability to speak, write and listen in their chosen language. As experienced language teachers, our tutors know the best techniques and practises to become conversational and able to succeed at GCSE Level. Every learner is different and our tutors can tailor their lessons to the suit needs of your child whether it is practising for the French aural exam or learning the range of vocabulary to connote everyday routines in German, our tutors can help.

A Level French, Spanish and German

A Level French,  A Level Spanish and A Level German are three of the most challenging qualifications to sit . Taking a big leap from GCSE, Modern Foreign Language students must explore the social and political context of French-speaking, Spanish-speaking and German-speaking societies. At the same time, students must continue honing in their grammar; learning the various cases and compositions of verbs to produce complex written content and hold long and flowing conversations for their oral exams. Students of French, German and Spanish are also required to explore literary texts and art deriving from the respective cultures as well as  learn how to translate texts both to and from English. An understanding of basic translation theory is necessary to allow students to excel in their translation exams. Our tutors can supplement what students learn in the classroom giving students the opportunity to excel and reach their target grade in A Level French, Spanish and German. Whilst challenging, A Level languages are a valuable qualification as they are not only recognised by both future employers and academic institutions but also give students the ability to live, work and study in a new country.


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