Maths Tutors in Brighton & Hove

Whether you are looking for a GCSE maths tutor, or A level maths tuition or primary school tuition in Brighton or Hove we can help. Maths is a highly requested tuition subject, owing to both its importance in the curriculum and in a range of other related subjects. We have many superb Maths tutors ready to help all stripes of learner. A quality Maths education is crucial in the world of work and paves the way to many disciplines, including engineering and computing. It is also very useful in related fields such as the Sciences, which are also assessed in all UK students at GCSE. Thus a strong foundation in maths is an invaluable aspect of a rounded education. Our tutors can supplement what your child is learning in the classroom allowing them to progress in maths at a faster rate and meet their target grades.

Primary Maths Tuition

At primary level, tutors work with their students to fill in gaps in learning and develop their fundamental skills. There are many facets to becoming proficient in maths, but above all is the necessity of regular and progressive work, developing good habits and strong working methods that prepare students for secondary learning. Our tutors work to make maths fun, relevant and engaging by using diverse tools and resources. Whilst adhering to the primary school curriculum, our tutors engage students using games and multimedia resources as best suits the unique learning style and ability of your child.   
Our team of qualified maths teachers can cater to a range of ages from key stages 1 -2 as well as abilities depending on the specific needs of your child. A good grasp of numeracy skills is central in primary school education and an understanding of maths is a skill for life. Our one-on-one tuition can supplement the skills which children learn in the classroom allowing them to develop their maths skills.

Secondary Maths Tuition

GCSE Tuition
At secondary level, students are expected to become increasingly fluent in mathematical processes, culminating for many in taking a very challenging GCSE examination. Modern GCSE exams are extremely challenging, drawing upon a wide skill-set and taking in both calculator and non-calculator assisted papers. As with English and Science, achieving a grade between A* to C in GCSE maths is integral for accessing both further and higher education as well as many job opportunities. As experienced teachers drawn from the Brighton and Hove area, our tutors know what specific skills and content your child needs to know in order to excel in their GCSE exams. Our tutors can teach across a range of exam boards from AQA to OCR to Pearson and Edexcel and cater to a range of needs. Whether your child needs support mastering their algebra or developing their skills in long division or multiplication, Brighton and Hove can tailor lessons to support your child’s needs and progress. A firm understanding of maths GCSE will give your child the skills in problem-solving, percentages and calculus – all of which are invaluable life skills.

A Level Tuition

At A-Level, the subject is very complex and requires both technical and conceptual fluency in knotty areas of academic maths. Our tutors are very well equipped to assist with all areas of study, setting homework and practise papers, as well as explaining difficult concepts and techniques in order to make a student’s maths improve at a dramatic rate. For us, a student should walk into their exams feeling confident and ready to take on the most difficult problems with a sense of reassurance. A Level Maths is often considered to be one of the most challenging A Levels as it requires an understanding of many complex theories and equations including those falling under the brackets of mechanics, statistics and decisions. Our tutors who are experienced teachers and mathematicians can offer the guidance that you or child will need to progress with A Level maths. Lessons can range from sessions on exam technique to focusing on particularly challenging topics. A Level Maths and Further Maths can be crucial for progressing into careers in engineering, medicine,and indeed many others and Brighton and Hove Tutors can offer the support you need.

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