Home Schooling Tuition

There can be many reasons for a child to come out of mainstream school. These can be emotional, social, health-related or simply practical. However, for all of these, the child requires structure and guidance in order to get the most out of their education.

In our years of working closely with parents, we have become specialists in providing the kind of support necessary for progression outside of mainstream education, attaining qualification and building confidence, while providing families with the kind of support they so badly need.

An entirely personal service

Whatever your situation, everything starts with a coffee with our Director Tim and a discussion of your specific needs. This will involve looking closely at you and your child’s’ academic goals and structuring a programme of tutors to best suit it. This may involve some guidance as to the best qualifications to work towards, but ultimately the choice is entirely yours. Many parents will refine their educational programme as this progresses,

Immediate start

Often home-schooling comes at a time of great unrest for a family. Thus, we will attempt, should you want it, to have all tuition arranged within a few days of your call. This should provide peace of mind for all involved.

No Subscription

Like all our tutoring, you are not bound to any amount of teaching. Although it is obviously beneficial to have regular tutoring, we understand that life is complicated and look only to provide you with what you need, when you need it.

Call 07896 036926 or request a call back to discuss your needs now.