History and Geography

History and Geography both form a core of the humanities and help students develop a deep understanding of society and contemporary issues. Throughout primary school, History and Geography are key subjects and at secondary level right up to Key Stage 4, students must continue to study the humanities. At Brighton and Hove tutors, we have many History tutors and Geography tutors who can offer one-on-one tuition to help students succeed in the humanities.

Secondary Geography Tuition

GCSE Geography

Geography is a broad subject broken down into Physical Geography and Human Geography. Physical Geography concerns natural features and key topics such as the formation of coastlines, plate tectonics and climate change whilst human geography focuses on how human activity affects the planet. Human Geography at GCSE level allows students to examine pressing issues such as environmental sustainability and effective ways to manage the world’s resources. Most Geography syllabuses require students to sit an examination as well as submit coursework based on fieldwork. Our tutors can help students excel in GCSE Geography by equipping them with the necessary skills in geographical research and investigation to deliver their coursework. As experienced teachers, our tutors can also explain concepts and theories within Geography that can often be difficult to grasp.  

A Level Geography

A Level Geography is a reputable qualification which opens doors to a range of academic and professional careers including those in the fields of International Relations in the case of Human Geography or Geotechnical Engineering in the case of Physical Geography. A Level Geography builds on the skills and content gained through GCSE and examines complex contemporary issues and natural phenomena in more detail. A Level Geography students might for example examine how scarcity of water resources has the propensity to cause large scale conflict. Students of A Level Geography have to contend with learning a broad range of concepts and terminology from understanding the hydrological cycle to examining how multilateral organisations like the United Nations play a role in managing relations between states. Our tutors can help students thrive no matter which syllabus and exam board they are following.

Secondary History Tuition

GCSE History

GCSE History is both an exciting yet difficult at times as students must remember vast details of historical facts and events as well as learn skills in argumentation and source analysis. At Brighton and Hove tutors, we have many experienced history teachers who know the best way to succeed in this challenging qualification. Like Geography, a good grasp of History allows students to better comprehend the world around them – History syllabuses might require students to look at such diverse topics as the reign of the Tudors in England to the development of medicine through the ages from Ancient Egypt to present day. GCSE History is a respected qualification and puts individuals in good stead to pursue a range of careers from law to journalism.

A Level History

At A Level, History students are given the opportunity to entrench their skills in using and citing primary and secondary sources as well as essay-writing. Most exam boards break A Level History into a coursework and exam component. Coursework enables students to conduct their own research and analysis, a skill which will come in handy in any future academic career. Nevertheless, coursework can be challenging for many students who are not familiar with independent study and historical analysis, our tutors can help students overcome the challenge of completing coursework by providing feedback and supporting the research process. Likewise, our tutors can help develop exam technique so students can enter their History exams calm and confident. As teachers with years of experience in education, our tutors can provide the best tools and resources to help you or your child succeed.

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