Coding and Robotics Workshops

We offer free half-day workshops to schools in the Brighton and Hove area with our coding and robotics instructors, as well as assembly presentations. We can fit to your timetable, either taking over existing ICT lessons or running a separate workshop elsewhere in the school. 

If you are outside the Brighton and Hove area and would like a workshop at your school, please get in touch for our rates.

Our instructors are classroom experienced, professional and enhanced DBS checked.

Our highly accessibly workshops take in simple to intermediate coding, 3-D design and robot making and provide an excellent introduction to some of the concepts that we explore in our camps and clubs. To see more, please check out our camps page.

The taster sessions will appeal to faculty leaders who would like their children to experience new technologies or are curious about running one of our extracurricular clubs and would like to see how we work.

We will require access to school computers (or laptops) and can check in advance that they run our browser based programs.

What we do

Students learn coding, game-making, electronics, 3-D design and robot building, some examples of which are shown below.

Get in touch to book a taster session for your school

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Students learn how to programme simple AI, like the ‘Random Walker’, who moves across the screen, drawing of their own volition.

Pong is a classic arcade game, which students learn how to code in order to understand player control, movement and collision, all key facets of game design.

>>>> Students will learn how to use 3D design platform TinkerCAD in order to create detailed 3D models. These can either be printed out using a 3D printer or converted into Minecraft blocks .

<<<<AI controlled robots your child will build

The starfield animation is an example of ‘object oriented programming’, one of the most important aspects of programming.