Extended tuition sessions

A chance to really focus

GCSEs and A-Levels are highly complex and an one hour is never enough to conduct proper revision. For this reason, many of our older students opt for four hour-plus crunch sessions with our tutors.

The sessions can take place at either your or the tutor’s home and frequently take place in the holidays. For this reason it is important to book early, so the teacher has space and can have plenty of time to prepare.

We offer a discount for any session of four hours or more, please enquire and we will get you what you need.


Extended sessions give the student and tutor the chance to get through a great deal of work together, while developing a mutual understanding and rapport. Many of our students find these sessions extremely good for their focus and come out of them with a renewed sense of motivation. 

The length of the sessions affords the chance to work through full questions and closely analyse the student’s answers. This degree of feedback is difficult to achieve in the classroom and gives the student an unrivalled measure of how they are doing.