Computing Consultation and CPD

Learn how to programme simple AI, like the ‘Random Walker’, who moves across the screen, drawing of their own volition.

Pong is a classic arcade game, which students learn how to code in order to understand player control, movement and collision, all key facets of game design.

The starfield animation is an example of ‘object oriented programming’, one of the most important aspects of programming.


Our professionals can help you bring new materials and skills to your schools’ computing or STEM programmes. We can present a number of benefits, which promise to enhance your school’s technology provision in a very short time. Prices available on request.

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 Our Services

We can come into your school for a full day to work with your teachers. This may include;

1. Introducing and training in new programmes, including coding, 3D design and game-making.

2. Bringing in and demonstrating new hardware, such as robots and 3D printers.

3. Augmenting and co-planning ICT resources for the school.


We offer small-group CPD in coding and media. Our current range is below.

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