Computing camps and clubs

Learn how to code through making games, art and design.

Does your child want to learn how to code or build electronics?  Perhaps they have already started and are  looking to develop their skills.

We believe that a deep understanding technology can transform your child’s future, giving them a level of security in our digital future.

Our courses offers a relaxed and accessible introduction to coding and design, all while having fun making games, art and machines.

Led by skilled and motivating instructors, we guarantee your child will enormously enjoy their time, while gaining tools they never knew existed.

Computing Camps

Group bookings of two or more receive a 15% discount, price adjusted at checkout.

Our highly popular camps for 9-14 year olds cover coding, game-making, robotics, electronics, digital design, music technology and much more.

For more details please refer to the individual product pages.

Year three pupils are able to attend, as long as they can cope with the demands of the course, we suggest talking to us prior to booking.

If you have any problems making a booking or have any other queries, please email or call 07856 530 550.

2019 Camps

All our camps can now be found on our new site Rocket Coding

After School clubs (Summer)

Examples from our camps and clubs

This ‘random walker’ is a classic coding exercise. The walker moves around the screen at random, drawing. This forms the basis of understanding AI in games.

Pong is a classic arcade game, which students learn how to code in order to understand player control, movement and collision, all key facets of game design.

>>>> Students will learn how to use 3D design platform TinkerCAD in order to create detailed 3D models. These can either be printed out using a 3D printer or converted into Minecraft blocks .

<<<<AI controlled robots your child will build

The starfield animation is an example of ‘object oriented programming’, one of the most important aspects of professional programming, particularly Javascript.

Our Instructor

Tim has been a professional teacher for over 10 years, teaching computing, music and music technology. He loves working with students and finding new ways to expand their creativity.

He has developed many resources for his computing teaching and is a warm and engaging fellow who will motivate and engage your children.

Qualifications, BA, MA, PGCE (QTS), Enhanced DBS checked.

Want to start coding right now?

Try out a a selection of videos from Tim’s introduction to P5 Javascript. Subscribe with us and we’ll send you a link for the full sixteen part course.