Five Tips On How To Choose The Right Private English Tutor For Your Child

Choosing the right tutor can be a daunting task and it can be easy to go for the first decent looking one you can see, only to find they are unprofessional, underqualified or unable to help your child. As an agency who only works with highly professional, fully-qualified English teachers, here are our top tips for getting your child the help they need.

1. They should be a qualified teacher.

In recent years, English exams have got much harder. Not only does it take significant skill to teach, but also just to stay on top of the new standards and developments. Thus a qualified, and if possible practising, teacher is a must. We have seen other tutor agencies run exam workshops with undergraduates as their ‘experts’. Though these students may have got decent grades themselves, they lack the pedagogy and experience to be able to teach across a broad range of areas effectively. Hiring a student usually results in a low value tutoring experience, where nothing appears to happen. Conversely, a teacher who has taught your child’s course to many students can home in on your child’s weaknesses and immediately give them proper support. Additionally they will have access to many different teaching resources, which is immensely useful. We find our teachers generally bring enormous amounts of materials to their sessions, which the students and parents are very grateful for.

2. They should have a clean, enhanced DBS check.

Having a police-background check is not a legal obligation for a tutor and other agencies, such as Brighton’s own BrightTeach, do not require one. However, we insist upon a full clean DBS check for all our tutors. This is because DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) is the only way of knowing if your teacher has any prior convictions. You should be very wary about any tutor who cannot produce a full, clean check done within three years. You can also ask them if they are on the update service, a kind of online DBS, which you can check yourself using this link.

3. They should be flexible.

A tutor should be able to service your needs and yet we come across many parents who cannot find a tutor who can travel to them at a sensible time. The motto of the science tutor might well be ‘I’m all full now, try me in August?’. Tutoring is surge based, with many filling up in April and emptying out in July. However, it is also a mark of professionalism that really good tutors can usually find a slot which makes sense. At B&H Tutor, we always find a tutor who can travel to you for when you need them. We can facilitate this because of our pool of tutors, in a way that individuals cannot. For the same reason, we also specialise in supplying multiple tutors to a single client, something that is very difficult to otherwise achieve.

4. They are easily contactable and get back to you.

Good tutors pick up the phone and respond to messages. We would never advise using a tutor who takes more than a day to get back to you. After all, if the tutor doesn’t value your offer of employment, how much will they value the needs of your child? At our agency, if you miss us, we get back within minutes and almost always have a tutor arranged by the end of the day. Considering that most of our tutors get out of work at 3.30, this isn’t too shabby.

5. They are warm and listen closely.

Personal manner is incredibly important, which is why we interview all our tutors personally. Even on the phone, a good tutor will be attuned to your needs and take careful notes before coming up with a solution. You should never give your time and money to someone who is dismissive of your needs or appears to be thinking selfishly. Follow your instinct and think whether this tutor is someone you want to invite into your home.

We hope this has helped. If you want an agency who can quickly and easily find you the perfect English tutor, please get in touch at or call 07856 530 550.


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