Business studies and computer science

Business and IT

In today’s world, both technology and business are becoming increasingly important. Indeed, being computer literate is a skill that almost employers will look out for in potential job applicants. At the same time, a firm understanding of Business is also important in many other career sectors. At Brighton and Hove tutors, we can offer comprehensive tuition in both subjects.

Secondary IT Tuition

GCSE ICT Tuition

Most schools now require students to sit a GCSE in IT, either as a half or full GCSE qualification. Of course, a firm grounding in IT will be invaluable in the workplace and will open up access to a range of in-demand careers such as Web Developer, Software Developer or many other jobs in the field of technology. Nonetheless, IT can be a demanding and complex qualification as students must learn the basics in web design, modelling using spreadsheets among many other complex processes. Students must also learn the basic legal framework surrounding computers and the use of the internet, this means students will be better poised to use the internet and protect their data safely but can also be a lot to remember. Our tutors can offer assistance in comprehending all aspects of GCSE IT.

A Level Computer Science & Tech-Level ICT Tuition

As IT has become more and more important, qualifications in IT have too become more worthwhile. The A Level Computer Science qualification offered by AQA and OCR builds on the skills gained during GCSE level IT. Whilst the Tech-Level qualification is designed specifically to fill a skills shortage in IT and brings together not only vital skills in computer programming but also skills in communication, problem-solving, research and teamwork. Our tutors of of whom are experienced IT teachers and many of whom have practical experience in the field of IT can help support you or your child and give you the skills and understanding you need to excel.

Secondary Business Tuition

GCSE Business

GCSE Business equips students with basic skills in running a business encompassing areas such as managing money, advertising and employing staff. Business can be an engaging and exciting topic as students can implement ideas which they may have gained through watching shows such as The Apprentice. At the same time, Business Studies requires students to develop skills in quantitative analysis and calculation, skills which can be difficult to grasp. Our tutors are familiar with all the exam boards including AQA and Edexcel and the various changes which have been made to GCSE Business and are therefore able to support you or your child through the exams.

A Level Business & BTEC Business

A Level Business is a vital subject if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or if you want to get far in the world of economics and finance. Through the A Level Business course, students familiarise themselves with contemporary business issues and situations and learn to analyse these using business models, theories and techniques. Our tutors can also offer tuition in BTEC Level Business which offers a great overview of the business sector and similarly allows for employment and academic progression.

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