About Brighton and Hove Tutor


I founded Brighton and Hove Tutor to address what I saw as a lack of quality tuition provision for parents and children. I wanted to create something that made parents’ lives easier and education simple.

A teacher and tutor of over ten years, I believe that one-to-one tuition has the ability to change children’s lives – transforming confidence and reigniting a love of learning. Students can often struggle within large, impersonal group settings and crave personal attention. Simply, students need some individual coaching to get the best out of their education. Be it Shakespeare, Sine-Waves or Substrates, a little help goes a long way.

As a parent, I know that education comes behind only health and happiness. I believe that my company supplies not only the highest quality of tutors but also creates both real academic progress and enormous contentment. It is a joy everyday to be part of making people’s lives easier and better.

Tim Sheinman – Director.

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